John Trotter Hall

The refurbishment/fit out of an old church hall for the John Trotter Trust in High Barnet, Enfield

Caldera were appointed to fulfil this refurbishment contract for the John Trotter Trust, adding updated access and modern interiors to an old church hall.

John Trotter Hall required us to update the access and interior from what was a very dated building. The project started with some demolition works and structural alterations.

Externally we built two glass entrances complete with automatic doors; as a modern juxtaposition to an old hall. 

Inside, we completed various new features to allow the hall to be better used by it's visitors and staff. We installed new toilets, professional kitchen area and a common cafeteria area. 

The cafeteria area is the centrepiece of the building, fitted with hardwood flooring, purpose-built countertops and furnishings. Additionally the large room features sliding balistrade partitions and doors, allowing the layout to be quickly altered depending on the current requirements.


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The John Trotter Trust



Sliding Partitions
Industry-spec kitchen
Automatic Doors
Modern fittings

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