Lancaster Mews

Basement excavation, and total refurbishment of a stable-house in West London.

Caldera were pleased to fulfill this contract involving a basement excavation, to create a 4-level luxury house in Kensington.

An important feature leading to the success of this job was the extensive structural and temporary works. The structure of the building was dramatically changed, and the ground underneath excavated to create another level. We ensured full support and reinforcement of the building while we underwent deep structural works.

Located on a tight, quiet mews road, logistics was a challenge which required planning and organisation to keep on top of progress. 

The latter half of the build took focus of bespoke design and layout. From detailing such as shadow gaps, to larger features like an internal balcony, and a glass floor panel. Our work ensured each room ties into the clients unique vision and taste.


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Basement excavation
Internal skylight
Bespoke joinery
Contemporary kitchens/bathrooms

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