Coborn Road

Extensive renovations to a Victorian property in Mile End, East London.

Caldera was awarded a contract to carry out extensive repairs to a structurally unstable Victorian building.

No.5 Coborn road was a complex project, including extensive temporary works to retain and stabilise existing structures. We worked with care to carry out these works in tight confines, to ensure we didn’t damage neighbouring buildings. Our careful yet efficient work led to a full basement build, roof extension and then refurbishment.

Once we had completed the structural works and remedial repairs around the property, we carried out a luxury refurbishment of the residence. Our work spans from the front garden to the back, all the while ensuring deluxe quality. The interior utilised only high-end fittings; many of which were natural stone and wood components. Such fittings require an immense level of care in order to execute the pristine look intended.

Like many of our residential builds, the client issued a bespoke interior design which we delivered in detail. 

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5 Coborn Road LLP




Extensive temporary works
Basement Excavation/Build
Pumped drainage
Roof Extension
Bespoke fittings

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