High End Private Residence

Luxury Property for a private client in south London

Caldera have successfully refurbished a high end property in south London, boasting unique and bespoke features

This private residence has been a massively satisfying project for the team. Spanning three large floors and a multitude of rooms, this stunning property boasts an impressive array of features. 

Our team stripped this property to it's shell in order to create a completely tailored and bespoke residence for our client. We kept only the features which added personality and character; such as the old supply lift - transformed into a both unique and useful pantry. 

One particularly important feature of the build was the construction of a car pit, which lowers into the ground to leave an additional space on top. In order to build such a feature, extensive groundworks took place, both to facilitate the construction and to strengthen the building. Working closely at all times with the client and his team, we successfully implemented a range of different bespoke features. The property includes a fully fitted bar area (built by our carpenters on site), a temperature-controlled wine cellar and operations such as temperature and lighting can be controlled from control panels all around the property.

At Caldera we take pride in such detail. Such high end residential builds allow us to really tailor our approach and get maximum satisfaction for the client.


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Private Client




Motorised car pit
Bespoke joinery
Temperature-controlled wine cellar
Personal bar
Enclosed terrace with stone-bake oven
Contemporary design features

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