Guildford Baptist Church

Ongoing innovations to a church in Guildford, Surrey.

Guildford Baptist Church is built in 1960’s civic style. Caldera is carrying out ongoing renovations to the building, with three phases completed so far.

We began phase one with extensive roof restructuring. We constructed a complex steel frame to form a second floor level.

Exterior renovations included Metsec walling finished with stone cladding, Velfac windows, zinc roofs, and bespoke glazing solutions.

Internally, we constructed a new chapel, office, nursery, community and function areas, all complete with new mechanical and electrical infrastructure. Key features include a new lift, beautiful hardwood floors, Rockfon ceilings, bespoke staircases and compact kitchenettes.

During phase two we focused on remodelling the interiors on the first floor. This involved building new wash room faciilites and new function areas.

In phase three we converted the church’s double height gym space. We infilled the floor using a steel frame and concrete cast insitu flooring.

We also fitted out other spaces in the church to make them suitable for multiple purposes.

During this phase we continued to replace the old external glazed walls with new Metsec walling and stone cladding.

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Guildford Baptist Church


Phase 1 - £1.2m, Phase 2 - £200k, Phase 3 - £300k


Church renovation
Metsec walling
Stone cladding
Velfac windows
Zinc roofing
Rockfon ceilings
Hardwood flooring

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