Eton Court

Striking Luxury Residence in Swiss Cottage

We are proud to present this stunning apartment in Swiss Cottage

This apartment located in Swiss Cottage shows off some striking and memorable design and decor. As is often the case in our residential work, we worked closely with the client and their architect in order to create a bespoke and personal design for the client to enjoy. 

Being refurbished from a completely empty space, we rebuilt the entire layout of this cosy and unique apartment. Demonstrating attention to detail and delicate execution, we then fitted the the apartment with various design features including a coffered ceiling and various joinery details.

Challenges were found in logistical aspects such as the intake of materials. The job was located a few stories up from the ground with the only permitted access being a back entrance service lift. Of course this makes taking in materials much more difficult. However, in our typical fashion we overcome these issues through hardwork and perserverance. We have often dealt with such difficulties and always reached great results.



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Private Client




Bespoke design and decor
Underfloor heating
Herringbone flooring
Coffered ceiling

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