Pear Tree Street

£1.9M company parking garage for cadent gas

Caldera have built Cadent Gas a company parking garage built with functionality in mind

Pear Tree Street, E1 now holds a company parking garage built by Caldera, for Cadent Gas. We had some important goals in this build.

- To provide robustness and adequate functionality.

- To create a space with aesthetics which match the calibre of a highly reputed company.

- To build the structure in such a way which allows for future devlopment plans.

All of the above have been successfully executed. The space now provides a functioning space for Cadent Gas employees to operate from. Painted markings clearly separate the expansive area - splitting the area into bays, disabled bays and also a turning circle box zone (for deliveries and drop offs). The space is well lit and also uses high visibilty bumpers on the column to avoid accidents or damage.

As well as providing the specified functions for employees, our job was to also facilitate later phases. Future development plans may include further building on top of the current structure. As a result, the current roof was built to be finished and weathered, yet temporary; making it possible to remove these structures if necessary and continue building upon our robust construction.



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Large Scale structural build
Bespoke functional features
Security gate
Sprinkler systems

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