St Dionis Church

Sunday 1st Sep 2019

Caldera are excited to announce that one of our ongoing projects is nearing completion. St Dionis Church, located in Parsons Green, is a £700K extension and refubrishment contract.

The refurbishment has resulted in a new stage, new parish office (built onto a mezzanine level), new reception area and a new kitchen 'pod'. As well as building a mezzanine level and refurbishing many areas, we have also built an extension which links between the vicarage and the church, with new access created from the parish office. 

Although our work has involved the construction of many new areas and the addition of modern fittings, an aspect just as important is the preservation of the original building. Having worked on many churches, we understand just how important it is to show due care to the historic building while making alerations. 

This project holds many more features to share and we can't wait to announce the completed project with photographs.

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